Dia Internacional da Filosofia

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Celebrou-se, no dia 17 de novembro, o Dia Internacional da Filosofia no AEVH.

Esta data foi comemorada com algumas atividades, das quais destacamos uma exposição subordinada ao tema: Mulheres Protagonistas da História – exemplos do papel positivo e de alto relevo histórico desempenhado pelas mulheres ao longo dos tempos.

Foi também projetado o filme “O Apedrejamento de Soraya M”, seguido de debate sobre o problema da violação dos Direitos Humanos, em particular dos direitos das mulheres em algumas partes do mundo e, quiçá, entre nós.

Professor Sebastião Pimenta

Should you take a Gap Year?


I think you should take a Gap Year because you’ll learn more, you’ll get more experience and meet other people and other cultures.

In spite of having the need to save some money to take a Gap Year, you’ll be successful in this trip.

In a Gap Year you’ll learn more languages and this will be written in your CV.

This Gap Year will change your life: you’ll be more mature!

It’s a way to relax, have fun and you can get a job sooner than you think.

Take a Gap Year if you can!

Glória Alves  11º A

Should you take a Gap Year?


The gap year is an unforgettable experience in any person’s life – it is something that brings experiences and learning that will make each grow more as a person. In my opinion, this pause in our daily lives is an asset, for example for young people who are undecided on what to do in the future and will acquire new knowledge and may be given answers for the numerous questions they have. We need to promote the gap year more in schools and universities.

Of course, you need to save money for this year. You’ll be away from home, but with will everything is solved. When we leave home, to get out of our comfort zone, we will become more responsible and pay more attention to life.

Done, the gap year is a huge amount of benefits and the truth is that it is a fabulous time in the life of those who go through this opportunity.

Beatriz Pereira  11º A

Should you take a Gap Year?


In my opinion, taking a gap year can make people forget about what they really want to do, so going straight to the university is the best choice to take, however, this is not the only problem you can face, you can also get stuck in unemployment by starting the university later than the others.

So, you’d better go to the university and get a real job, not a part-time job; who needs that? Right?

So, yeah, I hope you follow my advice and get in the university.

 Diogo Marques 11 º A