Projeto – Unir os Pontos – Connecting the Dots – 2019/2020 – DAC – Inglês e Biologia

O projeto que uniu os alunos dos cursos de Ciências e Tecnologias e de Línguas e Humanidades da turma A, do 11º ano numa logística e simbiose perfeitas! Uma sequência lógica de intervenção de cada um dos quatro grupos de alunos da turma A, do 11º ano que fez a conexão dos pontos, cada um com uma missão.

Na primeira missão, os investigadores/historiadores fizeram a pesquisa das quatro pandemias escolhidas e negociadas pelos líderes dos grupos – The Black Death, The Yellow Fever, The Spanish Flu, e, por fim, The Covid 19; na missão seguinte, foi a vez dos geógrafos traçarem em mapas a distribuição dos vírus, em termos de países de origem e populações infetadas; seguidamente, os biólogos indicaram os nomes científicos dos vírus, sintomatologias, meios de contágio, e formas de tratamento, e por último, os matemáticos fizeram o tratamento estatístico dos dados em termos de mortes, número de infetados, número de recuperados e impactos da vacinação, quando existente. Uma forma de simular comunidade científica a funcionar em torno de um problema comum e global. Um desafio muito motivador!

O projeto teve início no terceiro período do ano letivo 2019/2020 e envolveu 12 alunos do 11º ano ano regular e as professoras Sílvia Ramadas e Helena Antunes das disciplinas de Inglês e de Biologia e pretende ter continuidade neste ano letivo de 2020/2021 e assim ir unindo os pontos sequencialmente dos anos letivos, das aprendizagens, das nossa VIDAS!

The Triumph of Death by Bruegel, Prado Museum

Through this work, we the historians, aim to make other pandemics known like the one we’re living with now, The Covid-19, that emerged in Wuhan, Hubei in China. Another pandemic that we will address is The Black Plague, which was the most devastating pandemic in the history of mankind, which most resembled the end of the world in the first decade of the 14th century, it appeared in Central Asia. The third pandemic that we are going to study is The Spanish Flu, which, although it is called the Spanish flu, did not actually appear in Spain, and the most accepted theory is that it appeared in a military training camp in the United States.

Last but not least, we will study The Yellow Flu, caused by the yellow fever virus, transmitted by a specific mosquito, which appeared in Philadelphia in 1918.

With this work we intend not only to disclose the pandemics that we will talk about, but also to present the new American dream which is finding a cure for this great pandemic (coronavirus) that has been affecting everyone around us.

We intend to make a difference and sensitize our listeners as Steve Jobs in all his speeches does, show everyone that this is serious and that if we all protect ourselves (using a mask, washing our hands, keeping a safe distance from each other) in the end we will be alright.

Connecting the Dots is a project which emerged under module 3 – The World of Work of the English subject, based on the main concepts addressed in Steve Jobs’ speech with the same name.

It is by looking back that we can understand the present and look into the future. Thus, given the current pandemic situation that the modern world has been witnessing in recent months caused by the COVID19 virus, we were offered the challenge of studying and presenting the statistical results of 4 pandemics that have ravaged the planet throughout history. We have a mission, as researchers and mathematicians, we work as a team at a CO-LAB, collaborative work lab where ideas arise, our ideas to better understand and help us understand what’s happening and its impact on various sectors of society.

In times of pandemic crisis we feel FEAR! Fear of imminent contamination, but we also put our HOPE into a humble that is currently being discovered buy a vaccine or group immunity.

We would like to make here a bridge with the movie The Island that we saw in English classes and that brings us to these two concepts – FEAR and HOPE and to make parallel with the current situation.

Never had the world passed through such a situation!

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Textos da Professora Sílvia Ramadas e dos alunos de Inglês do 11º A

Projeto – Connecting the Dots

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Geographers, mathematicians, scientists and historians come to the service!

Four groups, twelve people who have forgot their lives, and have focused on something bigger, they are focused on the enemy they all have in common – pandemics!

Pandemics arose, attacked and crossed borders, oceans, killing thousands of people in the process, regardless of whether they were white or black, rich or poor, child, adult or elderly! Leaving the rest of the population afraid of seeing their beloved ones being the next to die in the invisible hands of this virus.

In order to help understanding this situation better, each group together with their leaders is developing a five-week survey, so that at the end they get together and discuss the ideas that came up – at this point it is important to have a group leader because this is the one who guides us, helps us and accompanies us during this challenging journey.
            We, the geographers, will keep you informed throughout this great mission.

Daniela Lourenço, Camila Cunha e Guilherme Coelho 11ºB