Should you take a Gap Year?


The gap year is an unforgettable experience in any person’s life – it is something that brings experiences and learning that will make each grow more as a person. In my opinion, this pause in our daily lives is an asset, for example for young people who are undecided on what to do in the future and will acquire new knowledge and may be given answers for the numerous questions they have. We need to promote the gap year more in schools and universities.

Of course, you need to save money for this year. You’ll be away from home, but with will everything is solved. When we leave home, to get out of our comfort zone, we will become more responsible and pay more attention to life.

Done, the gap year is a huge amount of benefits and the truth is that it is a fabulous time in the life of those who go through this opportunity.

Beatriz Pereira  11º A

Should you take a Gap Year?


I think taking a gap year is a good idea. A gap year is the chance to be completely independent and gain a meaningful experience, an opportunity you may not have again later on in your life. It will help to improve your self-confidence, along with personal skills, such as, communication, leadership and organisation. In addition, if you choose to go travelling, you will see and explore parts of the world you’ve always wanted to visit. By having the freedom to travel around and choose how long you spend in each place, you will have plenty of time to fit in everything you want to do.

Xu Bichen 11ºA

Should you take a Gap Year?


In my opinion, a Gap Year is a good option because it can bring unforgettable experiences. A Gap Year can be an asset to the future and a good way to learn more about life. It´s also important to enhance your CV because employers and universities appreciate enterprise, maturity and commitment both in and outside formal education. An experience like this gives you also new ways to seeing the world and overcome difficulties. It´s also a good way to know new cultures and languages. Actually, a Gap Year is an experience that I would like to live as it would give me a lot of experience and facilitate my future!

Ana Rita Lopes 11º A