Saint Patrick’s Day – March 17


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Pelo segundo ano consecutivo, o Agrupamento de Inglês celebrou o dia 17 de março, dia de São Patrício, santo padroeiro da Irlanda, com a Exposição Saint Patrick’s Day e um Concurso de Cartolas na mesma temática. Participaram alunos dos vários ciclos do agrupamento e a adesão foi quase total! O empenho e a criatividade dos alunos foram postos à prova e o resultado foi brilhante! Awesome!… De facto, os trabalhos apresentados foram sinónimo de grande qualidade! Estão todos de Parabéns! É um prazer enorme trabalhar assim! O dia 17 de março celebra-se na Irlanda e noutros países de expressão inglesa, mas também noutras partes do globo.

Patrício nasceu na costa oeste da Grã-Bretanha, a pequena localidade galesa de Banwen é frequentemente referida como o seu lugar de nascimento, embora haja muitas hipóteses sobre este facto. Quando tinha dezesseis anos foi capturado e vendido como escravo para a Irlanda, de onde escapou e retornou à casa da sua família seis anos mais tarde. Iniciou então a sua vida religiosa e voltou para a ilha de onde tinha fugido para pregar o Evangelho. Para explicar como a Santíssima Trindade era três e um ao mesmo tempo utilizava o trevo de três folhas e por isso o mesmo tem um papel importante na cultura Irlandesa.

É muito reverenciado nos Estados Unidos devido ao grande número de imigrantes irlandeses. Em Manhattan, Nova Iorque, há uma catedral com o seu nome. No dia 17 de março há diversas comemorações na Irlanda e nos Estados Unidos, conhecidas como desfiles de São Patrício, onde ocorrem festejos e cortejos em memória do santo, sendo essa a principal forma de afirmação do orgulho dos imigrantes e descendentes de irlandeses na América.

 Atelier de Inglês

Eva Mendes

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Eva Mendes was born on March 5, 1974 in Miami, Florida. She is an American actress and model.

She began acting in the late 90s, in a series of minor roles in several smaller films, such as Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror (1998) and Urban Legends: Final Cut (2000).

Eva Mendes has Cuban parents and was raised in the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale by her mother after her parents’ divorce. Eva says that her mother suffered so much to make her life good, during her early years. Eva was raised a Roman Catholic and aspired to be a nun.  She is also fluent in Spanish.

Eva never saw herself as an actress while she was young and pursued other interests. She attended Hoover High School in Glendale and later attended California State University, Northridge to study marketing, but she dropped out after wanting to begin an acting career. So she studied acting under Ivana Chubbuck.

Eva received her first big-screen break when she appeared in Training Day. That performance led to roles in Stuck on You, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and as the female lead in the comedy Hitch opposite Will Smith. Her role in Once Upon a Time in Mexico also earned her a nomination at the Teen Choice Awards. Mendes appeared in Ghost Rider with Nicolas Cage and also starred together with Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert Duvall in the film We Own the Night, and with Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson in The Spirit.

Carlos Aleixo 10º A

Ellen Pompeo

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Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born on the 10th November, 1969, in Massachusetts. She’s a North American actress, known for being the main actress in Grey’s Anatomy, as Meredith Grey. Ellen Pompeo started her career in small roles for Citibank and L’Oreal. In 2001, she rented a house in L.A., determined to take her own career seriously. She had several feature films, such as: Law & Order, Friends, Get Real; and more recently: Grey’s Anatomy. In 2007, she won “Screen Actors Guild Awards” and “Satellite Awards”, for Best Actress. She is currently married to Christopher Ivery, with whom she has a two-year-old daughter, Stella Luna.

Marta Pedro 10º A

Mario Balotelli


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Mario Barwuah Balotelli was born in Palermo on 12th August 1990. Balotelli is an Italian footballer of Ghanaian origin, a very strong and skilled player, who owns a powerful shot in his right leg, Balotelli is seen as one of the best young strikers around the world, but he is also famous for his strong temper, maybe one of the most controversial players today, engaging in several discussions on the pitch and controversy off it. When he was 18 he played in the first team of Inter Milan. On August 12, 2010 he signed by Manchester City. On December 21, Balotelli won the Golden Boy that year and engages in more controversy during a statement on winning the award: “Well, there’s only one player slightly stronger than me: Messi. All others are behind me.”

Alexandre Marques   10º A

Freddie Mercury

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NAME: Farookh Bulsara

OCCUPATION: Songwriter, Singer

BIRTH DATE: September 05, 1946

DEATH DATE: November 24, 1991

PLACE OF BIRTH: Zanzibar, Tanzania

PLACE OF DEATH: London, United Kingdom

ALTERNATIVE NAME(S): Farookh Bulsara, Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was a British musician, singer and songwriter. Freddie was one of the most successful vocalists and songwriters in the world. He is generally regarded as the best front man of any band.

Mercury studied in St. Peter Boarding School, where he took his first steps in music. He was known as an exemplary student.

In college, he met Tim Staffell, who had a band (“Smile”), and took Freddie to participate in it.

Later Freddie gets the place of vocalist.

The band changed its name to Queen and thus began his career. Freddie Mercury had a powerful and extraordinary voice.

Mercury wrote many famous singles such as We Are the Champions. His performances were legendary.

 In 1991, after being very sick, there were rumors that he was with AIDS, which was confirmed through the declaration he made one day before he died.

He died on 24/November/1991, which caused impact and sadness around the world.

 Teresa Rosa 10º A

Alexandre Pato

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Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva, better known as Alexandre Pato, was born in Pato Branco, September 2, 1989. He is a Brazilian footballer who acts as a striker. He plays for AC Milan. He was born in the interior of Paraná, in the city that originated the nickname Duck.

In June 2006, with only sixteen years old, Pato competed in the International Championship sub-20. In 2007 Pato was transferred to AC Milan for € 22 million, and received his jersey number 7. His first game with AC Milan shirt was on September 6. In his first season he was considered a phenomenon.

 Because of various injuries Pato could only make his debut for the Brazilian national team on March 26, 2008. He remains a great talent for the world of football.

 Tiago Moleiro  10ºA

Gil Vicente visita-nos!

Gil Vicente na biblioteca do Agrupamento

Está patente, na biblioteca da escola sede do Agrupamento de escolas de Mação, uma exposição relativa ao escritor Gil Vicente e à sua obra.

Dando seguimento à colaboração entre a equipa dinamizadora da biblioteca e o Agrupamento de Português, organizou-se mais uma exposição que mostra trabalhos de alunos das três turmas (A, B e C) dos nonos anos e obras do autor. Numa linha de continuidade de esforço mútuo com vista à leitura e à divulgação da nossa literatura, bem como de motivação e valorização do trabalho dos nossos alunos, apresenta-se, mais esta iniciativa conjunta. Útil não só para os alunos que a ajudaram a preparar, mas igualmente para os que a venham a visitar.


As professoras: Maria da Luz Faria

e Anabela Ferreira.

Frank Lampard

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Frank James Lampard (born 20 June 1978) is an English professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for Chelsea and the England national team. He also holds the position of vice-captain for his club side. He is considered to be one of the best English footballers of his time, and is widely regarded to be one of the best midfield players of his generation.

Lampard began his career at West Ham United. In 2001, he moved to rival London club Chelsea for £11 million.

From his debut onwards he was ever-present in the Chelsea first team, setting a record 164 consecutive Premier League appearances. He established himself as a prolific scorer at the West London club and was a key part of the sides which won back-to-back Premier League titles in 2004–05 and 2005–06 and a domestic cup double in 2007. He signed a new contract in 2008, becoming the highest paid Premier League footballer at that time.

 He won the FA Cup for the second time in 2009, scoring the winning goal in the final. On 23 December 2009, he was named the Premier League’s Player of the decade by official statistics. In 2009–10 season, Lampard won the Premier League title and FA Cup (domestic cup double) and also had his most prolific season with Chelsea, scoring 22 league goals and 17 league assists.

Bruno Martins 10ºA

Daniel Radcliffe

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His name is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe and he was born on the 3rd day of July in 1989 in “Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London.

His father, Alan Radcliffe, was a literary agent and his mother, Marcia Gresham, was a casting director. Daniel’s parents occupations may have influenced his preference for the world of representation. Daniel’s parents didn’t agree with his choice because they feared that he became an arrogant and egocentric superstar.

Daniel gave beginning at his career in 1999 on television in the program “David Copperfield”, he was ever very required on television, cinema and theatre. He was more known when Saga Harry Potter “2001-2011” started.

Currently, after the final on “Harry Potter” Daniel continues in the world of cinema and participates in more two movies “The Woman in Black” and “The Journey is the Destination”.

 Cláudia Branco 10º A


Osama Bin Laden

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Osama Bin Mohammed Bin Awad Bin Laden was born on 10th March 1957 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was a terrorist and the nightmare of all Americans. He created the al-Qaeda on 20th August  1988.

 Osama Bin Laden is known because of the attacks of September 11th, but he had attacked the United States before, more precisely in 1998.

He was killed on 2nd May 2011 by the Special Operations Command and the CIA.


Diogo Branco 11º B