De-stress – Creative writing – 10ºA

Na disciplina de Inglês está a desenvolver-se a atividade “De-stress!”, no âmbito do Plano da Turma. Pretende-se que os alunos elaborem textos de escrita criativa com o objetivo de desestressar e aprender a gerir emoções em contextos de maior pressão.

Message in a bottle


My namy is Keira Smith and I’m 19 years old. I come from Orlando in the USA.

I’m stuck on an island and the worst thing is there’s nothing to do, nothing to wear!

My cousin and I have been stuck here since the day we went boating.

I don’t really remember what happened because I hit on something and I know that the boat capsized off taking all our goods with it…

My cousin is fine and I only have a cut on my head…

This place is half desert, though it has lots of apples on the east side of Malibu, California, a very charming city where we usually go as a family.

We have been here for two months and 20 days… These days my cousin Jack and I did a lot! We built a charming and very big tree house. He helped me when it came to finding food!

Yet, we got any enemy on this island, a tigress which was very hungry and just wanted to attack us.

We spend our time playing games…

I feel sad, desperate, homesick and I miss my family and friends.

I’m afraid of dying of boredom or even just die with no goods or clothes.

When you read this message, please let our family know…

Joana Rodrigues, 10ºA

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