De-stress – Creative writing – 10ºA

Na disciplina de Inglês está a desenvolver-se a atividade “De-stress!”, no âmbito do Plano da Turma. Pretende-se que os alunos elaborem textos de escrita criativa com o objetivo de desestressar e aprender a gerir emoções em contextos de maior pressão.

Message in a bottle

This Message in a Bottle Made it From New York to France | Condé Nast  Traveler

1st July 2020 

Hi, I’m Anne and I’m writing this message with the hope that someday someone will be able to read it. I’m from Miami Beach and I love animals and the sea. I’ll tell you the story of my day today. Everything happened very quickly. In the morning my boyfriend and I went out on a boat to see the dolphins, but the boat broke down near an island and we had no way of telling anyone. We were lucky because we were not adrift in the sea and found an island to stay.

As soon as we arrived on the island we looked for food. Luckily here, there are many fruit trees so we will not be hungry for a few days. After finding food, we tried to make a hut, which wasn’t too bad – a protection from the wind and from the rain.

We have spent some time sightseeing and exploring the island and from what we saw, there are not many animals here! What I am most afraid of is the darkness of the night and the sun is setting, now…

I am worried about our family. They must be worried too, but I hope they find us. I miss our dog very much.

I hope they find us fast!


Maria Jana, 10ºA

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