De-stress – Creative writing – 10ºA

Na disciplina de Inglês está a desenvolver-se a atividade “De-stress!”, no âmbito do Plano da Turma. Pretende-se que os alunos elaborem textos de escrita criativa com o objetivo de desestressar e aprender a gerir emoções em contextos de maior pressão.

Message in a bottle

So I ended up here on this island alone…

Well, hello!

I’m Carolina Costa and I’m 16 years old. I like to play basketball and stroll through places, cities, or countries I’ve never known. At this moment I’m on a lost island, Cíes Island!

Here, the weather is a mixture of hot and cold. The island is peaceful and calm, but at night it’s very scaring.

At this point I’d be with my best friend on an incredible weekend. I would go for a walk with her on this beautiful and super amazing island, but she got sick and had to stay in the hotel, so I decided to go for a walk when I got stuck on this island. I’ve been here for a few days… My family and the authorities should be looking for me, but for now I can’t see anything.

I’m hungry and very thirsty! I feel lonely, abandoned and sad, but I also feel peace and quiet! I spend my time alone walking. Sometimes I find some kind of animal I don’t know… I try to investigate, but there is no network. I’m trying to find a way out, but I’ve seen that I can’t find anything., I’m sitting looking at the sea with the desire to dive into that warm water, but I’m afraid! I’m trying to survive and getting away with it well, but sometimes it’s complicated! I’m hungry, I’m afraid to die here and know that nothing and no one wanted to know about me! I can’t communicate with anyone, no one is looking for me, so it seems that no one misses me,…

Carolina Costa, 10ºA

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