De-stress – Creative writing – 10ºA

Na disciplina de Inglês está a desenvolver-se a atividade “De-stress!”, no âmbito do Plano da Turma. Pretende-se que os alunos elaborem textos de escrita criativa com o objetivo de desestressar e aprender a gerir emoções em contextos de maior pressão.

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Message in a bottle


My name is Marco and I am from Portugal, a small country next to Spain. I am a doctor, and I have two amazing children and a wonderful wife. Everything was perfect in my life, but like some people like to say, nothing lasts forever. In January 2035, I decided to go on a cruise, just me, as a spiritual retreat… The cruise was supposed to leave from Portugal and go on a journey all over Europe. First, the cruise went to Spain and then to England. When the cruise was on its way to Denmark an accident happened. I still don’t know how I survived and how I got to this island!

I have been here for more than a year. I am eating plants, fruit and fish! I never thought that I would miss meat and vegetables that much. I also miss my family, the clothes stores, the cinema, the cars and my work. I don’t know how long I am going to be left here by my own. I am going to put this message in a glass bottle, and throw it into the sea, not in the hope of being saved, but in the hope that someone knows my history.

Marco, February 2036

Daniel Gaspar, 10ºA

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