De-stress – Creative writing – 10ºA

Na disciplina de Inglês está a desenvolver-se a atividade “De-stress!”, no âmbito do Plano da Turma. Pretende-se que os alunos elaborem textos de escrita criativa com o objetivo de desestressar e aprender a gerir emoções em contextos de maior pressão.

O primeiro texto elaborado individualmente foi “Message in a bottle”.

Message in a bottle
SOS! I need help, please read this message until the end!
My name is Margarida Saramago, I’m 15 years old and I’m Portuguese. I have been stuck on a remote island for three days. And here’s how it happened:
My family decided to travel to another country during summer vacation.
We left Portugal on a ship destined to Brazil. In the middle of the trip the ship started to sink, we were told that we had to get on the lifeboats to survive. Hours later the navy came to rescue everyone, we started to get on their ships, I was the last on the lifeboat when suddenly I fell into the ocean. Next thing I know, I’m alone on an island.
So, I’m writing this message, if someone is reading this please warn the authorities. I don’t know where I am, just that I’m probably near Cabo Verde (The navy that rescued us was from there).
I’m surviving by eating small fish, wild plants, fruits and berries. I sleep on a mattress of leaves and I take showers on a small waterfall.
Instead of spending my time on my phone or computer, like I did at home, I dive on the beach and explore the island, I discover new plants and animals every day. The island is actually very beautiful and the temperature is very hot. But I must be careful with the wild animals and the poisonous plants. I miss my family and friends everyday… I’m afraid of what might happen. I feel hopeless.

Margarida Saramago, 10ºA

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