Projeto – Connecting the Dots

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Geographers, mathematicians, scientists and historians come to the service!

Four groups, twelve people who have forgot their lives, and have focused on something bigger, they are focused on the enemy they all have in common – pandemics!

Pandemics arose, attacked and crossed borders, oceans, killing thousands of people in the process, regardless of whether they were white or black, rich or poor, child, adult or elderly! Leaving the rest of the population afraid of seeing their beloved ones being the next to die in the invisible hands of this virus.

In order to help understanding this situation better, each group together with their leaders is developing a five-week survey, so that at the end they get together and discuss the ideas that came up – at this point it is important to have a group leader because this is the one who guides us, helps us and accompanies us during this challenging journey.
            We, the geographers, will keep you informed throughout this great mission.

Daniela Lourenço, Camila Cunha e Guilherme Coelho 11ºB

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