“The Joneses” – Review

the_joneses03During a few English classes we watched a movie called “The Joneses” and it had all to do with what we are learning, consumerism.

Throught the movie, the Joneses pretend to be a family, but they’re not! They get paid to pretend to and to show off their things, so their friends will buy them, too….

The movie’s main ideas are based on the ripple effect and the consequences of overconsumption.

The ripple effect is a gradually spreading effect or influence and we can see this in the movie plenty of times when their friends ran to the stores to buy what the Joneses had. The other main idea of the movie is based on the consequences of overconsumption which were evident, like the debt that Larry got into and his death, both caused by trying to “keeo up with the Joneses”!

To conclude, I really liked the movie because it had a really sad ending and that is good to open everyone’s eyes… I WOULD RECOMMEND it with no doubt.

Inês Pereirinha 11º A

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