Should you take a Gap Year?

Gap Year

A gap year is a year off school that you take after you finish high school and before you start learning in a college. It is, in my opinion, a very good idea. After all, you’ve just finished high school, some of the most stressing years you will ever have in your life! So, why don’t you take a year just for yourself, before going to college, so you can take a part-time job or have an internship so that you can get a taste of what day-to-day working life feels like?

Also, I’ve heard that universities encourage students to take a year to themselves and employers are happy to give jobs to these students. It’s your chance to make some money for yourself, as well. Tuition fees aren’t exactly low and maybe it’s time to start saving some money.

Anyway, whether or not you like the idea, my advice to you would be for you to research your options first. But my opinion remains: maybe after these last three years of high school you ought to have a time out just for yourself.

Raquel Cabrita   11º A

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