Another Message in a Bottle

message in a bottleSomewhere, I have no idea of what day it is…

Dear stranger,

I still remember my name… it is Bruna. I don’t know if I am fifteen years old or still fourteen. My passion for travelling brought me to this island.

I was living in a peaceful city when I decided to spend all my money on a trip. The plane was supposed to take eight hours to land.

I fell asleep and all I can remember is falling directly to the sea.

Lucky me, I woke up in this place. A few hours later three other passengers found me. Between day and night we all lost sense of time.

Fortunately, there is plenty of food, mostly coconuts and bananas. It took a few days up to find fresh water to drink and have a bath, as you can imagine the smell was getting pretty bad. We spend our time building shelter, instruments and playing games we invented. It sounds better than it is. Sometimes it rains all day long. Rainy days are good for fishing. Luckily we have not found dangerous animals yet, but the birds can be very angry.

I miss everything about the world except a desert island.

If you are reading this sheet of paper it means the bottle was well sealed.

      Sincerely tired,

Bruna Santos   10º B

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