Are online games good or bad for teenagers?


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Online games are a new type of gaming that teenagers use as a means to escape reality. As everything else, online games also have advantages and consequences. But the most important thing to know is if online games are good or bad influences to teenagers.

Online gaming can be very relaxing after a day at school and, being more interactive than the TV, it allows students to connect with English more actively, this being a good way to learn vocabulary and improve reading skills.

However, teens get too attached to these games, losing precious time on the computer, becoming addicted to this never ending fun. This leads to loss of interest in school and creates negative effects on the results. Also many of the vocabulary they learn in these games is of violent or insulting nature, which is bad.

But other advantages of the online games are improvements it does on teens’ memory, reflexes, logical thinking and reaction time. Patience and endurance are also exercised as teenagers struggle to finish the game, gaining confidence as they do so.

The confidence level of the player can, however, diminish when there’s a part that they can’t go through, influencing the confidence in real world situations. Also, the player will lose touch with the outside world, spending less time exercising or with friends and family. It causes antisocial behavior.

In the end, we can understand that maybe the cons outweigh the pros but it depends on the amount of time a person spends on gaming. If it’s too much, it is bad. If it’s just a little bit after arriving home from school it doesn’t hurt. So, if you plan on becoming an online gamer, just try to regulate your time accordingly. And don’t forget that school is more important than gaming.

Raquel Cabrita

 10º A


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