Freddie Mercury

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NAME: Farookh Bulsara

OCCUPATION: Songwriter, Singer

BIRTH DATE: September 05, 1946

DEATH DATE: November 24, 1991

PLACE OF BIRTH: Zanzibar, Tanzania

PLACE OF DEATH: London, United Kingdom

ALTERNATIVE NAME(S): Farookh Bulsara, Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury was a British musician, singer and songwriter. Freddie was one of the most successful vocalists and songwriters in the world. He is generally regarded as the best front man of any band.

Mercury studied in St. Peter Boarding School, where he took his first steps in music. He was known as an exemplary student.

In college, he met Tim Staffell, who had a band (“Smile”), and took Freddie to participate in it.

Later Freddie gets the place of vocalist.

The band changed its name to Queen and thus began his career. Freddie Mercury had a powerful and extraordinary voice.

Mercury wrote many famous singles such as We Are the Champions. His performances were legendary.

 In 1991, after being very sick, there were rumors that he was with AIDS, which was confirmed through the declaration he made one day before he died.

He died on 24/November/1991, which caused impact and sadness around the world.

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