Daniel Radcliffe

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His name is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe and he was born on the 3rd day of July in 1989 in “Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London.

His father, Alan Radcliffe, was a literary agent and his mother, Marcia Gresham, was a casting director. Daniel’s parents occupations may have influenced his preference for the world of representation. Daniel’s parents didn’t agree with his choice because they feared that he became an arrogant and egocentric superstar.

Daniel gave beginning at his career in 1999 on television in the program “David Copperfield”, he was ever very required on television, cinema and theatre. He was more known when Saga Harry Potter “2001-2011” started.

Currently, after the final on “Harry Potter” Daniel continues in the world of cinema and participates in more two movies “The Woman in Black” and “The Journey is the Destination”.

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