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My Best Friend is Marisa Lourenço. She’s younger than me, she’s 15 years old, she lives in Carvoeiro and she’s Portuguese.

  Marisa is short and slim, she’s got medium-length wavy brown hair, she has got small almond-shaped brown eyes. She has a small nose and she usually wears a strange pony tail at the top of her head! She likes to wear jeans, T-shirts and All-Star sneakers.

  Marisa has a really cool personality because it’s rare to see her sad! She’s really energetic and she never stops! She’s always laughing…

  She likes music a lot, and sports, too.

  I like her because she’s an excellent friend who cheers me up whenever I need, she’s my company in the free times and the person I trust to talk about everything.

 Alexandra Rodrigues 10ºB


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