Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Catherine Zeta-Jones, was born 25 September 1969 in Swansea. She began her on stage at na early age. After starring in a number of United Kingdom and United States television films, she came to prominence with roles in Hollywood movies such as “Annie”, “Bugsy Malone” and “The Pajama Game”. At 15 she had the lead in the British revival of “42nd Street”. She was originally cast as the second understudy for the lead role in the musical but when the star and first understudy became sick the night the play’s producer was in the audience, she was given the lead for the rest of the musical’s production. She first made a name for herself in the early 1990s when she starred in the Yorkshire Television comedy/drama series “The Darling Buds of May” (1991) and as the 1998 action film The Mask of Zorro. She starred in many big-budget blockbusters like A Armadilha  (1999),  A Mansão  (1999) and Traffic – Ninguém Sai Ileso (2000), for which many believed she was robbed of an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. In November 2000 she married actor Michael Douglas. She gave birth to their son Dylan Michael in August 2000.

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